How to Buy a Car with Khan Hayashi LLC?

Purchasing a vehicle from Japan through Khan Hayashi LLC is straightforward and efficient. Follow these steps:

  • Deposit:

    Place a refundable safety deposit of $1,500 USD to activate your auction access. This deposit is refundable if you do not purchase a car.
  • Search and Browse:

    Use your auction access to search for your desired car. You can place a bid yourself or ask us to bid on your behalf.
  • Successful Bid:

    If your bid is successful, you’ll be notified immediately and receive an invoice for the full payment. This invoice must be cleared within three days.
  • Shipment Preparation:

    Once payment is received, the car will arrive at our location. We prepare it for shipment, finding the best shipping line with optimal freight charges.
  • Shipping and Documentation:

    After departure and full payment of freight and additional charges, you’ll receive the export certificates and Bill of Lading.
  • Vehicle Pickup:

    Collect your vehicle at your chosen port with the provided documentation.

Additional Services

Khan Hayashi LLC offers various additional services including inspection certificates, re-auctioning, repairs, and any other necessary services to ensure a smooth purchasing process. Contact or WhatsApp for more info.

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